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How to create a WordPress Blog

Benefits of WordPress You want to use WordPress because it combines a few really narley features that you can’t find in alternative CMSs out there. That’s exactly what makes the content management system (CMS) so unique. easy to use, you don’t need to be super tech savvy to handle it a ...


15 WordPress Drag And Drop Themes

Benefits of drag and drop themes Though you’re not supposed to be a programmer to be able to run a self-hosted WordPress site, you still need to be relatively tech savvy to make it happen. With a drag and drop WordPress theme, you can just … drag and drop things. So if you’re not a tech geek but ...


How to Do SEO for WordPress Site

So you launched your WordPress site but have no idea what you can do to get visible on the web? This post tackles the basics of WordPress SEO that you most definitely need to keep in mind and implement as soon as your WordPress site is up and running. The tips tend to go in the order of ...