How to manage comments in WordPress

If your website allows users to leave comments you might have to manage them, approve them or eventually delete them.

  • When a new comment is added on your website you’ll see a notification on the left column of your backend.
  • Click on the notification (or on the menu Comment) to be redirected to the Comment page. Here you’ll see all the comments on your website.
  • To approve a comment you can either hover on the comment and click on the Approve voice that will appear, or you can select the comment by clicking on the option on the left and then choosing Approve from the Bulk Action Menu and then clicking on Apply. This last method is very useful when you have more than one comment that you want to approve at the same time.
  • Just as you approved a comment (or a series of comments) you can also disapprove them, mark them as spam, or delete them.
  • To reply a comment hover over it and click on Reply
  • If you allow comments on your posts you’ll recognize that some of them are pure spam. An easy method to recognize them immediately from your Comment Page is to look at the email address for the user (weird long names are usually used for spam comments). Alternatevely you can also look at the content of the comment that you’ll see on the central part of the page, next to the user info. If the content is a quote from your own article it’s very likely that you’re dealing with a spam comment.
  • If you see that you have a lot of spam comments you might want to look for some WordPress plugins that will either help you recognize and filter them or just help you get rid of them more easily.
  • If you want to disable comments on your posts you have to click on Settings on the right column in your backend and then deselect the option Allow comments for now post. Note that this won’t delete the comments that you might already have and it won’t disable the option for users to comment on the posts you’ve already published.
  • To disable comments on published posts you have to manually deselect the option for each single post. Click on the Post link on the right column, hover over an article and click on Quick Modify. You’ll see a series of quick option appearing on the right. Deselect the option Allow Comments then click on Update