How to install theme in WordPress

To change the appearance of your website you can install a new WordPress theme. There are thousands of them online, some are free and some have to be bought.

  • Click on Appearance and then themes.
  • Click on Add New
  • You can install a new theme uploading a package you previously downloaded. In this case click on Upload Theme and then Browser.
  • Click on choose file and select the theme file from your computer.
  • Click on Open and then on the Install Now button.
  • When the theme is installed you’ll see two links. A live preview that will show you how the theme will look on your current site, and Activate, that will actually activate the theme and change the appearance of your website.
  • If you don’t have a downloaded theme on your computer you can look for one in WordPress. Go to the Theme Page (Appearance and then Themes), then click on Add New. In this page you can search for new themes based on how popular they are, on the date of their release, or on some features you might select. To look for a theme with specific features just click con Feature Filter and then select the options you prefer from the extensive list you’ll see.
  • Hover over a theme and click on Details and Preview to have some more information about the theme.
  • When you have found a theme you like, click on the Install button on the left corner of the preview.
  • Just like happens when you upload a new theme you’ll see a live preview link and an Activate link that will change your website theme in the one you selected.