Jason Hunter Design Case Study

Jason Hunter Design Founder Jason Bass uses WP Guys to help keep his client’s websites fast, secure, and up-to-date so he and his team can focus on more productive tasks.


Since partnering with WP Guys in November of 2018, Jason Bass and his team have been able to focus on more productive and profitable tasks, while ensuring their client’s websites are being kept fast, secure, and updated.


Sites managed



What were the challenges?

As a full-service web development company, Jason and his team have their fair share of support requests.  Why is my site slow?  Why do I have 23 plugin updates?  My site is down, can you help?

One of the issues Jason found was that when websites crashed due to an automatic plugin, theme, or core update, he had to drop everything and address the issue. This was taking valuable time away from profitable tasks like building new websites, on-boarding new clients, or fulfilling existing projects.

How did WP Guys help?

WP Guys has a service called Plugin Monitoring and Downtime Support, which means if there is a plugin that hasn’t been updated in three months, they pro-actively assist with swapping out the plugin for one with a similar function.

An Example

Overview of the plugin

Jason had multiple clients who had a plugin called Contact form DB installed on their website. This plugin allowed contact form entries to be saved on the website in the event that an email was not sent after a form submission.

What was the issue?

This plugin had a vulnerability that caused SQL Injection to infect the contact form entries causing 100’s of spam entries to appear in the dashboard.


How did we fix it?

We researched, found, and installed a plugin called Flamingo. This plugin had the same functionality and was regularly updated.

The old plugin

The new plugin

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