Lion Fuse Digital Media Case Study

The Lion Fuse team use WP Guys maintenance plans to help keep their marketing campaigns running smoothly.


Since partnering with WP Guys in February of 2019, the Lion Fuse Digital Media team have been able to build recurring revenue for their company, while focusing on their core business such as custom website development and marketing campaigns.


Sites managed



What were the challenges?

With a primary focus on Custom WordPress website development and Marketing Campaigns, the Lion Fuse team were constantly busy with new projects. One issue that they found is that when a client had a security or a site-speed issue, they would have to drop everything to address the issue.

How did WP Guys help?

WP Guys helped keep the software up-to-date, improve the site speed, and fix all security vulnerabilities (Malware Removal, Vulnerable Software Removal) so the Lion Fuse team could get back to focusing on their core business while ensuring that their existing client’s websites are properly cared for.

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