Do you need a reliable, U.S. based partner to help with tedious WordPress work?

We work with over 50 agencies and freelancers to deliver high-quality, white-labeled WordPress maintenance to their clients.

Who We Help

Our agency partners are able to focus on more profitable projects by partnering with WP Guys to handle their client’s website maintenance.

Web Design Companies

New website builds bring in the bulk of your revenue, so why are you letting tedious website maintenance hold your company back?

Digital Marketing Agencies

Keeping websites fast, secure, and updated can help your client’s marketing campaign. We’ll handle the maintenance so you can focus on delivering results.

Freelance Professionals

When you’re freelancing, your time is everything. Don’t waste it by maintaining your client’s websites. It is an unrewarding, low-paying way to spend your valuable time.

Benefits of becoming an agency partner

More time to focus on the work that matters

Tedious maintenance tasks take valuable time away from profitable work such as new website builds or marketing campaigns.

20% off all maintenance plans

You get 20% off all of our maintenance plans when you become an agency partner. That’s an extra 20% of monthly recurring in your pocket!

Account executive to help sell plans

Do you struggle to sell maintenance plans to your clients? We can help explain the benefits of having a website support plan.

How it works

Select a support plan

Once you select a support plan for your client’s website, we can get started onboarding the website.

We onboard the website

Once you have selected a support plan we will begin our initial audit and optimization on the site.

We start the maintenance

Once the initial optimizations are complete, we will begin monitoring and proactively maintaining the site.

Partnership Consultation

Learn how we can help your agency, schedule a free partnership consultation below!